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You have a standard GT+ w/battery and a r/a MCX connector for the
antenna. To make sure, you should look at the electronic ID. If there is
an "R" in the third to last position the receiver has been "reflashed"
in the field (probably by me.....) Here's a quick rundown on the
numbering convention:

First character - Both the GT+ and UT+ begin with "R". The internal
designation for both receivers is "Roadrunner", hence the "R".

Second character - A "3" designates a GT+, a "5" designates a UT+. 

Third character - A "1" designates no onboard battery, a "2" designates
a receiver with an onboard battery.

Fourth, fifth, and seventh characters - Normally "11_1" for a GT+,
"22_1" for a UT+. These may be different if you happen to find a
Motorola factory sample, or one with beta firmware.

Sixth character - "G" for a GT+, "U" for a UT+.

Seventh character - Normally a "1" for both models. If this is an "R" on
your receiver it has been reflashed, meaning you really have no idea
what the receiver is. Unfortunately there were v2.2 firmware loads for
both GT+ and UT+ models, so just looking at the electronic ID will not
tell you what you really have. The simplest thing is to use TAC32 or
SynTAC to initialize the receiver. Rick's code sends several commands to
the receiver when it initializes and uses the responses to determine
what kind of receiver it is. For instance, if the receiver responds to
the TRAIM setup message, it's a UT+. If it responds to the command to
switch to NMEA mode it's a GT+.... You can do the same thing with
WinOncore12 by sending commands and seeing what the receiver responds

Eighth character - This is a "1" for receivers with a right angle MCX
for the antenna. It is a "5" for receivers with a straight connector.

Ninth character - This designates the original factory firmware load and
can vary from 1 - 5 for a UT+. If the receiver has been reflashed this
character means absolutely nothing as the reflash process does not
change it. Only the seventh character (see above) is changed.

Beta firmware note - If your receiver has firmware that is all
"XXXXXXXX" or has an "X" in the firmware description (2.0x3, 2.1x5,
3.1x2 etc.) you have a sample receiver with beta firmware. It probably
works OK, but I don't have a cross reference of what the numbers mean.



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I have an R3211G1112 here that is apparently a GT Plus.  Can someone
translate to what options this has?
DaveB, NZ 

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