[time-nuts] HP 5061A on Ebay

John Day johnday at wordsnimages.com
Tue May 9 14:05:01 EDT 2006

At 10:13 AM 5/9/2006, Normand Martel wrote:
>Well... I could understand on Beta VCR's, but TO NOT
>TEST a HP5061 Cesium beam frequency standard for
>functionality, (a known good standard will sell for
>MUCH MORE $$$$$) George is right, we shall have BIG
>questions about the seller's reputation!!!!
>Normand Martel VE2UM

Well, would they know how to plug it in? These folk get a lot of 
"lost freight" and "unclaimed goods" from various shipping companies. 
A client of mine gives them all the unclaimed or abandoned repairs 
that they get. They also give them a lot of 'parts' units - they all 
seem to be described that way. Seems the way they work is they just 
photograph it and list it - nothing more. They move huge mountains of 
stuff and don't really care. Despite all the negatives pretty much 
every item they list gets sold.


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