[time-nuts] FTS4060 Auxillary Power Connector ID?

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Sat May 13 14:08:34 EDT 2006

On Sat, 13 May 2006 09:33:32 -0700, Brooke Clarke <brooke at pacific.net>

>The male mating part of the body is 0.248" x 0.824".  The holes for the 
>contacts are 0.161" ID and the female contacts are 0.084" ID.
>This looks similar to the Molex 03-09-1042 except that instead of a 
>point on one end this connector has a couple of the corners chamfered 
>sort of like and IEC line cord connector.  A drawing and link to data 
>sheet of the Molex connector is at:
>Molex and Amp (Tyco) don't seem to carry anything like it.

I don't have an FTS4060 to look at but this sounds a lot like the
connectors for PC power supplies, like the one you plug into a hard
drive. If you can find a manufacturer for the PC plug/sockets maybe they
make the ones you want.

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