[time-nuts] Items going on to EBay...

Rob Kimberley time.bandit at btinternet.com
Mon May 15 11:20:38 EDT 2006

I will be putting following items on EBay on Tuesday on a 5 day auction
(finish Sunday).

FEI 5680A 10 MHz Rb - Working
KSI TSAT-PCI (2 units) - One working, one partially working
( these are PCI timing cards with Trimble GPS smart ant, 100' cable,
manuals, and software (copies).

All used. One of the KSI units tracks satellites OK, but not getting time
off the board. Tried it with both smart antenna with same results, so
definitely the board. May be something simple, but really don't have time to

Also have a KSI GPSync-ISA (NEW) This is a full length ISA slot module with
GPS daughter board. Has 5 MHz, and timing outputs. Still has to be checked
out when I can find a suitable chassis (!!)If I can get it done, it goes on
Tuesday also.

Rob K

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