[time-nuts] Windows XP time

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed May 17 21:29:22 EDT 2006

At 04:06 PM 5/17/2006 -0500, Bill Hawkins wrote:
>The other source of error is the drift in your PC clock.
>NTP adjusts the clock frequency if you have an adjustable
>clock frequency, as is found in Unix derivatives. AFIK, a
>wintel clock frequency can't be adjusted. So the PC error

I think it can: see SetSystemTimeAdjustment().  Looks like 100ns resolution.

This is funny, 'cause I run NTP on my win2k boxes.  Today at work I looked
down and saw the taskbar clock sitting at local midnight, not 2PM as it
should have been.  Luckily I noticed it before a commit, which I'm sure
would have cause a stink with CVS.  Ended up killing ntpd and using ntpdate
to get back close to correct.  

For some reason, ntpdate v4.1.72 seems to take *forever* to sync a win2k
box. "ntpdate -d tick.usno.navy.mil" takes a full minute to complete!
(Also takes a minute to a server on the LAN.)

newell  N5TNL

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