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Hey Bill - now you're really rubbing it in!!
If it wasn't for the few thousand miles of pacific between us I'd be 
in like flint (hell --there I go, showing my age again!)
But a half decent jpg (if there is such a thing) would be fine.

Very few of the early electronic counters ever made ot out 
here-earliest I recall was a nixie display unit (fairly sure non-HP)I 
saw way back in the early 1960s at a US Navy expose' at the local 
airport, Harewood, which has been the jumping off point for most air 
travel to the Antarctic for over 50 years. 5243Ls and the like came on 
the local scene a few years later but even then only for the 
well-heeled, such as govt depts etc.

New Zealand

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>> Looking to get good colour photos of some of these
>> older HP counters (and similar offerings from other
>> manufacturers) in the pre/early Nixie etc period.
> Here's an opportunity to own an HP 522B for $25, including
> shipping in the US. The unit has 5 decades of ten vertical
> neon indicators each. It works. Yes, it's a 100KC counter/
> timer.
> I got it from a blasting cap plant where I worked in the
> early sixties. It was used to measure the delay time of
> time delayed blasting caps, used to remove successive
> layers of rock from a quarry or tunnel wall. The start
> pulse came from the blasting machine, attenuated. The
> stop circuit was normally closed by a pencil lead held
> in alligator clips for quick replacement. The cap broke
> the lead when it fired. For a while, it was used in
> Pinewood Derby races. It has never been exposed to weather
> and looks new inside.
> Bill Hawkins
> bill at iaxs.net
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