[time-nuts] Entry level systems

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Wed May 24 20:47:30 EDT 2006

Well, since you are interested in NTP, what kind of computers do
you have? Can you run full NTP (not SNTP) on a Unix box?

If so, all that you need is an accurate 1 PPS signal. That can come
from various GPS devices, such as time antennas and portable devices
that have the output. The HP Z3801 is an old standby, used to sell
for about $300, another 30-100 for a plain antenna, but more modern
equipment may have dropped the price. There are also GPS to NTP
converters on eBay in that price range. Spectracom (not yet absorbed
by Symmetricom) comes to mind.

To do something interesting, like comparing performance, look at
1 PPS disciplined NTP vs. network NTP, picking servers from around
the world. Later you can graduate to what seems to turn this group
on - comparing down to 10E-14 with expensive instruments.

If your wife is giving you trouble (but you could afford it), try
what she does, withholding pleasure - cease physical contact until
she realizes that you are deadly serious about comparative time.

If you really can't afford anything but shipping costs, I may have
some things that you could use - as a beginner and not a dealer.

Can you repair circuit boards?

Bill Hawkins

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