[time-nuts] Odetics Satsynch 325 Mort

Doug Millar dougnhelen at moonlink.net
Fri Oct 6 12:48:31 EDT 2006

Hi Robert,
         Thanks for the inquiry. I did get if fixed. It was simple- 
it needed to be reset. I also was able to get a second functioning 
unit for a spare.

At 02:33 AM 10/6/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Doug,
>What oscillator is fitted?
>Also does your unit use a standard GPS antenna or the downconverter
>Robert G8RPI.
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>         My Odetics is on the repair bench with a bad oscillator. I may
>looking for a newer unit such as an HP, or at least an Odetics that
>works. Any help?  It might be interesting to work with an Austron
>2100f  on Loran. Any help?
>                 Doug K6JEY
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