[time-nuts] GPS becoming large

Bill Janssen billj at ieee.org
Sat Oct 7 23:05:58 EDT 2006

Magnus Danielson wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I got this message, and I assume you would find it interesting.
>Due to the extended life of the GPS satellites, we are now facing the 
>possibility there will be more than 30 satellites in the constellation.  It 
>is believed this might be a problem in some receivers.  Receiver 
>manufacturers should be able to confirm if this is a problem.  The Memo at 
>http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/gps/gpsnotices/50SW_GPSW_letter.pdf gives more 
>Civil responses:  If you believe this will cause a problem, please contact 
>NAVCEN at: TIS-PF-NISWS at uscg.mil by 20 October 2006.
>What is the best way to forward this to the telecom community?
Don't know what the "best way" would be but


has a committee T1X1.3 that is concerned with synchronization matters

An email to them might be useful

Bill K7NOM

>I have not planned to be in Vancouver next week, though I am aware that 
>there is an OPTXS and an ITU-T meeting.  This seems important enough that 
>ITU-T participants would want to know and check with their receiver 
>manufacturers.  That is, I think both U.S. and international telecom users 
>should consider whether their receivers will fail because of this.
>Charles, perhaps you can forward this to appropriate people in Europe; 
>perhaps at least members of the ITSF steering committee.
>With the GPS constallation hitting 32 we seems to run out of "legal" PRN codes
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