[time-nuts] Oscillator Analyzer on Ebay

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Mon Oct 9 04:12:00 EDT 2006

Hello Fellow time nuts,
I thought this might be of interest to some of you, if not please  accept my 
I have a Wavecrest high-end SRT-3000 Jitter/Phase-Noise/PLL/BERT  analyzers 
for sale that I got from Credence as surplus, and I am listing it  on Ebay 
tomorrow morning. The SRT-3000 is the same as their SIA3000 which costs  about 
$90.000 today, but using an external LCD instead of internal LCD. I  configured 
the unit to work with an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard right  out of 
the box. It also includes a NI-488.2 GPIB controller and NI-488.2  software. The 
unit was totally unused, original packing. I will keep one, and  sell the 
These units are fantastic, they have 200 Femtoseconds internal hardware  
resolution. Great for measuring Oscillator jitter from 0.4Hz up to 1700MHz. This  
particular unit has about 2.4ps noise floor, that's 2.4E-012 right out of the  
They include timing measurements such as PLL, Datacom, jitter, Phase Noise,  
BERT Bathtub curves, and an internal 1700MHz Oscilloscope feature. There is an 
 external 100MHz ultra-low-noise time-base output connector in the back of 
the  unit as well.
While the unit can do phase-noise FFT, it's really a (time-domain)  
time-intervall jitter measurement unit. This is what makes it different  from a 
real-time sampling scope or spectrum/phase-noise analyzer: you can  measure time 
intervall jitter on signals from 0.4Hz to 1700MHz with  200 femtosecond resolution.
The Jitter histogram feature is great to see if your ultra-stable  Oscillator 
has any deterministic, or just random noise on it, and just how much  that 
random/DJ noise is. The unit measures and displays TJ, RJ, and DJ in real  time 
using their patented "Tail Fit" algorithm. The unit has Visi version 7  
software installed and works perfectly.
Search Ebay tomorrow for "SRT-3000" and you can find it. It was over  
$100.000 in 2003 and the reserve is only $499. That's less than just what the  
internal National Instruments PCI-GPIB card is worth I think.

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