[time-nuts] Austron Model 1210D-03

Nick Soefje nicktech at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 09:38:23 EDT 2006

I have an Austron 1210D-03 that has been in my possession since 1990.
I did some initial testing with it during my Electronics BA, but not being
involved at the levels you are, I no longer have need for it.
I started to take it apart yesterday to see what components I could salvage,
but decided to see if I could put it to better use and make a few dollars at
the same time.

- Does anyone know what this might be worth (condition specific of course)?
- Would anyone here be interested in the unit?
- I thought about posting it on Craigs List or eBay, but ran across your
group and thought I would stop here first.

I hope it is OK to post this type of request/questions in your forum, I read
the general rules and did not see any text on the sale of items.

I can provide more information if needed and photos as well.

If there is no interest, I will tear the unit down for scrap parts.

Thanks and best regards,
Nick Soefje

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