[time-nuts] EIP 575 Looking for Service information or schematics

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sun Oct 15 00:47:25 EDT 2006


This is probably too old to be useful, but I have the 371 Source Locking 
frequency counter service manual on my web site at


This manual was courtesy of Had, K7MLR

Didier KO4BB

Eric Haskell wrote:
> I purchased a broken EIP 575 Source Locking Microwave Counter on eBay and I
> was wondering if anyone has a schematic or service manual PDF of this or any
> if the EIP (Phase Matrix) 5xx series counter (535, 545, 548, 575B, 578
> etc.).
> Eric Haskell,
> eric_haskell(at)hotmail.com
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