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I agree. I think it was the, er "comments" that seemed a little much.
All EXCELLENT points, and as you say I am sure the author would
appreciate any helpful comments. I'm sure he would like to make his next
version even better.

That's what this forum is all about......


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I think it'd be great to see Dr. Griffiths' list of issues in a letter
to QEX, sans a couple of the more, er, "editorial" comments.  This would
give the author a chance to respond, and alert other builders of
opportunities for improvement.

Some of the concerns may not be major issues (e.g., it seems safe to say
that the FLL action will correct for drift caused by the 7805's tempco,
unless you plan to dump a can of R134a on it), but others are worth
bringing to the magazine's attention.  If you'll forward your comments
to Doug Smith at kf6dx (at) arrl.org, he'll most likely print them in
the Letters column.

-- john, KE5FX

> Well said, Randy.
>  It wasn't my intention when I asked for comments to trash anybody or 
> anything. In the somewhat 'rarefied atmosphere' of this forum I doubt 
> that any comments made were intended to be anything other than 
> objective.
>  I guess the ultimate question is whether or not the claimed 
> performance objective can be met with the hardware/firmware detailed 
> in the article, regardless of some of the apparent shortcomings
> already noted.   If the answer is yes, then I believe the discussion
> here should be interpreted as no more than suggested improvements that

> could be implemented.
> Regards
> DaveB, NZ

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