[time-nuts] Comparison of Logic Standards for Clock Distribution

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It is read V divided by the square root of Hertz.

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> : But the input voltage noise of the MAX477 is 5nV/rtHz, the corresponding
> : value for a discrete transistor circuit may be as low as 1nV/rtHz.
> rtHz is a new one for me (I'm mostly a software dude).  A quick google
> search shows that this appears in lots of spec sheets as a measure of
> noise (which I get from this context), but what is that exactly?
> http://www.ic-designs.com/ICDTechBrief1.pdf gives a nice detailed
> account of how to calculate this number (V/RTHZ it says), but doesn't
> define the base unit.  I get the 'Hz' part, but not the 'rt' part.
> Can someone provide a good reference?
> Warner
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