[time-nuts] Allan Deviation -> continuing saga...

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sat Oct 28 09:21:28 EDT 2006

John Ackermann N8UR wrote:
> To minimize jitter and tempco, you probably ought to stay away from a
> comparator if you can.  I've had good success using the input circuit
> from Brooks Shera's GPSDO which is a 74HC4046 PLL, but using only the
> input circuit and not the PLL section itself.  Alternatively, you might
> get away with a simple capacitor followed by 50/50 voltage divider to
> provide 1/2 Vcc bias going to the input of the divider chip.
> John
It makes sense, even though it is counter-intuitive (to me). I have 
always tried to put comparators or schmitt triggers in front of logic 
gates because of the risk of metastability. I would have thought the 
4046, using a relatively slow CMOS process, would have been offering 
more jitter with an analog signal than with the output from a fast 
comparator as the AD8561 (7nS delay, which changes by a small fraction 
of a nS from 25 to 50 degree C)

I will try to spend some time with the AD8561 data sheet. Considering 
that I am driving it with a clean 2Vp-p sine wave with zero DC offset, I 
should be able to quantify the noise of that stage.

Alternately, Bruce recommended a CMOS Schmitt Trigger, so that's 2 for 
that solution since I believe that's what the input stage of the 4046 
is. I am going to have to dive into my parts bin again...


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