[time-nuts] Allan Deviation -> continuing saga...

Dr Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Mon Oct 30 04:24:44 EST 2006

John Miles wrote:
> Definitely an interesting chart.  I don't know how much stock I'd put in it,
> though.  The figures cited are, in some cases, much worse than those
> published elsewhere and observed personally.
> I didn't look at all of the test circuits, but there are more things wrong
> with the LT1016 test circuit on page 19 than in the entire QEX article that
> caught so much flak recently. :-)
> -- john, KE5FX
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>> I had been using the Shera HC4046 input circuit for my 10811
>> GPSDO input until I read the test results in the LPRO manual
>> http://www.symmetricom.com/media/pdf/manuals/man-lpro.pdf
>> (Table 3-1 on Pg 18) showing the results of testing various TTL
>> converters for relative phase noise. The conversion techniques
>> document at http://www.wenzel.com/documents/waveform.html
>> has a circuit for using a tuned LC network to increase the sine
>> output from an oscillator to drive a biased gate input. I did some
>> testing of my own and found that using a biased AC04 gate using
>> the Wenzel circuit with no input resistor, C = 100pf, L = 2.7uh,
>> input directly from the 10 MHz 10811 gave the lowest phase noise
>> combination for my GPSDO input.
>> You may want to give this a try.
>> Enjoy!
>> Richard
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The 100K+100pF in series with the comparator input must really help in 
elevating the noise level.

The 10811 output stage has an ~ 50 ohm output impedance (shunt resistor 
across transformer primary in the output transistor collector.)
Even with a Q of around 3 or so the phase shift tempco of the Wenzel 
circuit can be significant if low tempco components(L +C) are not used.
For a GPSDO the PPS timing jitter usually swamps the sine to TTL/CMOS 
circuit jitter.


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