[time-nuts] Historical HP quartz oscillator manuals available

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Subject: RE: [time-nuts] Historical HP quartz oscillator manuals available

Since Agilent has been proactive protecting the copyright of old manuals, I
think the right course would see if they will put them up on their site.
   I am sure there is a time nut willing to hold the paper copies.

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Subject: [time-nuts] Historical HP quartz oscillator manuals available

I have the following manuals (original paper version):

HP 100E
HP 101A
HP 103A
HP 104AR
HP 115CR
HP 117A

Does anyone know if these have already been scanned
and made available on the web?  If not, I plan to
see if the Agilent Library wants to scan them.  They
basically have a program to scan manuals but I don't 
know if they have an age cutoff.  These are only
of historical interest and have no utilitarian value.
For example, the HP 100E, circa 1960, uses vacuum tubes,
including the "phantastron" circuit, which has no
counterpart in solid state.

If anyone is interested in owning any of the original paper
manuals, let me know what you are interested in.
I need to dispose of these one way or another.

Rick Karlquist N6RK
Agilent Technologies

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