[time-nuts] M12M Receiver Disiplining PRS10

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Thanks for the response.  What is youir exact GPS receiver set up?  Are you 
coming directly out of the receiver and directly to th 1PPS input of the 
PRS10?  I am thinking of getting the Synergy SyunPaQ/III-M12M integrated 
timing receiver.  Basically it is the receiver with a power supply and 
box.... maybe some buffering... They are shipping the M12+ and are supposed 
to be shipping the M12M this month.

I am tracking the PRS 10 with an Austron 2100T. Loran timing receiver.. It 
jumps about 5x10exp-12 every 8 hours or so then gradually settles back down. 
I believe this is the 2100T because I have used to 2 PRS10s and they both do 
it.  I hope GPS works better.  Any experience like that  using the PRS10 
with a GPS?


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> Hi Lee,
> sorry, forgot to mention, I used both an M12+ and an M12M to do this,  no 
> big
> difference between the two receivers.
> The M12M has better short term stability (less thermal sensitivity) which
> doesen't matter with a 7 hour averaging, and better RF sensitivity.
> bye,
> Said
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