[time-nuts] M12M Receiver Stability

Randy Warner Randy at synergy-gps.com
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As you say, the M12M has much better short term stability due to it
using a TCXO rather than a crystal like the M12+. Even so, I still
surround the TCXO with a small piece of foam to isolate it from any
rapid temperature changes. You will see much better stability
(especially with the old M12+) using this method. This is especially
true if the unit is in an enclosure with a fan. As you might guess,
thermostatically controlled fans REALLY mess things up.


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Hi Lee,
sorry, forgot to mention, I used both an M12+ and an M12M to do this,
no big difference between the two receivers.
The M12M has better short term stability (less thermal sensitivity)
which doesen't matter with a 7 hour averaging, and better RF
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