[time-nuts] M12M Receiver Stability

Randy Warner Randy at synergy-gps.com
Mon Sep 25 19:41:41 EDT 2006


The foam I settled on is 3M model 3108. It's actually a little too stiff
for this purpose, but I wanted something that would stand up to 
+85C. I am having trouble getting RoHS info from 3M. I may have to
switch to something else if they don't reply.

M12M's are shipping now. Quantities are probably small as most of the
units are being sucked up by a couple of telecoms, but you should be
able to get small quantities pretty quickly.



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Hi Randy,
thanks for the feedback. Would you have a suggestion for this foam,
that's RoHS and especially UL approved?
Also, when will Synergy start shipping M12M's?
thanks again,
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