[time-nuts] Time Nuts in the news

tom w0kgw at citlink.net
Thu Sep 28 20:21:32 EDT 2006

hey i like the garbage day ending for the 7nanoseconds off reason !!! looks 
like he has all the good stuff just on the shelf.  hey how about spreading 
some of those good clocks around so we can be closer than 7 nanoseconds.  my 
rubidum is tracking 60kc wwv for days and takes a lot of paper to see one 
micro second of error.  so let the 10mhz output run an hp59309a clock and am 
waiting months to see if it is one second off.  guess that makes me one of 
the almost nuts !!   hey thanks for the article and keep them comming.
tom   w0kgw at citlink.net

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> It was only a matter of time before google led a curious
> reporter to our mailing list. Let me know if this shows
> up in your local newspaper in the next few weeks...
> http://www.newhousenews.com/archive/sefton092706.html
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