[time-nuts] HP5370B - 10 sec Gatetime via GPIB

Dr. Frank Stellmach drfrank.stellmach at freenet.de
Sun Jul 1 17:29:43 EDT 2007


currently I'm testing frequency stability of an OCXO from NDK.

The HP5370B is in the External Holdhoff & External Arm mode.
 From a pulse generator I apply  a 10sec ON, 100ms OFF  TTL signal to 
the External BNC jack, so I get a 10 sec long gate time for averaging  
jitter effects much quicker than the built-in 1sec maximum gate time.

Additionally, I send the results via GPIB to the computer for the usual 
statistics on the data.
Now I tried to replace the external pulse by software.
I simulated the pulses from the generator by leaving the External jack 
open, or short circuit it, and by reversing the trigger slope on that 
jack (comands SE0 / SE1). This works quite fine, as the trigger LED 
operates, but the counter does not produce a result, obviously because  
the arming signal is reset directly by the GPIB commands.

I also tried some other additional commands, but nothing works.

Has anybody got an idea how to program the HP5370B for a gate time up to 
the maximum of 10sec?

Dr. Frank Stellmach

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