[time-nuts] Troubleshooting SR DG435 Four Channel Digital Delay/Pulse Gen

Dr Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Mon Jul 2 00:18:28 EDT 2007

Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi:
> The DG535 Four Channel Digital Delay/Pulse Generator shows
> Ext Clk Error on power up.
> The obvious thing to do is turn the rear panel switch to INT, but after 
> powering up with the switch in either position the same error message appears.
> Connecting an external 10 MHz to the clock input and with the INT/EX switch in 
> either position the same error is there.
> The on line manual does not have schematics.  Any thoughts?

Is the longtailed pair Q502+ Q503 producing a 10MHz ECL level output signal?


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