[time-nuts] May I ask for your advice on a faulty 5370B?

S McNamara scottmcn at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jul 4 03:16:05 EDT 2007

>Check the frequency multiplier chain alignment.


Thanks Bruce,

I used a HP5335A counter to measure the ref out at 10.000,000,3MHz and the 200MHz test point-1
on the multiplier board as 200.000,007 MHz
The HP5335 is not calibrated but it looks like the multiplier is working O.K. I have no way to measure the harmonics as I do not have a RF spectrum analyser.
The test point has a nice 200MHz sine wave as tested with my eye and a 150MHz CRO.
I also adjusted the DAC voltages on A18 although they were close enough.
BTW I think the "set test switch" settings for the DAC module A18 may have a error.
I think the OA cal switch settings should be the same as the OO cal settings.

Could the harmonics from the multiplier be causing the problem?
Thanks & Regards Scott

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