[time-nuts] NIST frequency doubler

Mike Feher mfeher at eozinc.com
Sat Jul 7 22:50:20 EDT 2007

Interesting. Diode doublers of this configuration have been around for about
40 years, and of course so have their FET counterparts. While I never did an
investigation on any additive residual noise, since typically the 6 dB was
enough to mask it, how is this better than the plain jane full wave diode
doubler? 73 - Mike

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The schematic for a NIST developed, low phase noise frequency doubler is 
This device appears to perform significantly better than the Wenzel FET 
doubler specifications at least in the flicker noise region.
With suitable modifications to allow individual adjustement/selection of 
the bias for each JFET a pair of the more readily obtainable J310's can 
be substituted for the U431.


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