[time-nuts] NIST frequency doubler

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Mon Jul 9 02:40:43 EDT 2007

Hi Bruce,

	With a quick search of the NIST site, I couldn't find any 
mention of this, and the circuit diagram in your GIF was a little 
small and fuzzy: is that a crystal on the centre-tap of the secondary 
of the first transformer?  Would it be tuned to the input or output 
frequency? And would you know the values of the components?



>The schematic for a NIST developed, low phase noise frequency 
>doubler is attached.
>This device appears to perform significantly better than the Wenzel 
>FET doubler specifications at least in the flicker noise region.
>With suitable modifications to allow individual 
>adjustement/selection of the bias for each JFET a pair of the more 
>readily obtainable J310's can be substituted for the U431.

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