[time-nuts] HP-3336A Level Generator Question

Tom Clifton kc0vsj at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 12:34:58 EDT 2007

The UPS man just delivered a care package from my
latest ebay purchase!!!  I fired it up and found the
front panel displayed properly, but no output on the
75ohm BNC connector, but the rear panel 21-60mhz aux
works fine as mesured by a 5328a counter.

Pulled the bottom off and note that the 50 ohm output
into the matching box has good signal - problem in the
50/75/150/600 assembly.

Question - as I believe I only really 'care' about a
50 ohm output is there any reason not to use the raw
50 ohm output?  At this time, I have no way of
measuring levels (3586 is a future purchase) so I have
no way of knowing how much the output levels are
dependent on the matching assembly and what
protections the matching assembly affords the output
of the generator.

Also - the 5328a has an undisciplined high stability
oscillator, and the 3336a doesn't. At 10mhz they agree
within .8hz +/- .5hz wandering around over the course
of an hour. Not too bad for $125 on eBay for the pair
of them (including shipping). Hope my luck holds...

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