[time-nuts] HP-3336A Manual

Tom Clifton kc0vsj at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 15:16:10 EDT 2007

I perused the pdf manual and came up more confused
than when I started...

My problem seems to be in the Option 005 high
precision attenuator (as I  can best tell). There is
an aluminum box between the circuit board and the
front panel 75 ohm, 135 ohm and 600 ohm outputs.  That
mysterious 'box' seems to be open.   I'm not sure if
it is just an impedence matching assembly, or if it
includes the option 005.

As the front panel level control is changed, the raw
50 ohm board output measures between +5 and -5 dbm and
every time the display crosses a -3dbm threshold (-3,
-13, -23 etc) you hear a relay click and the raw
output jumps back up 10db.

Hope that clarifies more than confuses...

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