[time-nuts] Cs stability

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Jul 16 21:55:26 EDT 2007

Tom Van Baak wrote:
> ); SAEximRunCond expanded to false
> Errors-To: time-nuts-bounces+cfharris=erols.com+cfharris=erols.com at febo.com
>> For example tilting the Cs unit by 90 degrees will typically give an error  
>> of about 1E-09 or so.
> Have you tried this with your FTS 4050? Anyone else do
> this with a 4060 or hp 5061?

I'm pretty sure that back when my FTS4050 was still working
it didn't care one little bit about orientation.  Perhaps
yours has lost its magnetic shielding, and is reacting to
the change in the orientation of the Earth's magnetic field?

The C'beam standard package in the FTS4050 is an FTS5000 which
was designed to be used in all sorts of 28V applications, including
portable standards and avionics.

-Chuck Harris

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