[time-nuts] HP5532A for free

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Subject: Re: [time-nuts] HP5532A for free
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:20:32 EDT
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> magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org writes:
> >My  old HP 523C does not have Nixie-tubes, such modern shit. No, it uses  
> pure
> >neon lamps which light up a little display of 0-9. :)
> >I  only have a 5-digit one, but there are others that had 6  digits.
> I have an old Nixie tube desktop calculator somewhere, it uses diodes as  the 
> active calculating elements. DCL they called it I think. Wow. It's got  some 
> 6 digit precision if I remember correctly.

Wow! I have a drum-machine with a sequencer operating that way, but no counter.
Having seen Zuse Z3 in action brings you perspective. :)
22 bit floating point in relays. :)

Let's see if we can't get something similar out of DCL. Now where's that bag of
1N4148 I bought a few years back! :)

> I can see a blue glow inside some of the Nixie tubes, I am sure those tubes  
> generate IR, X-ray and all sorts of other stuff that makes the mice die around 
>  the house...

IR yes - some, bring your palm up and feel the heat. But the tubes inside is
better at it.
X-ray - no much really. Too low voltage (150 V?) to really become a hazard.
Those TV-tubes you smashed as a kid was running as high as 25 kV and that is
the normal limit, but the thick glas is there for a reason.
If the mice dies around the house, suspect the neighbor cat of not doing its
job propperly, if they only disappear be happy about him or her not being THAT
lazy. :)


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