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While I am on the subject, I have some suggestions for the old docs on the

Oncore_Users_Guide.zip: I would change the name to: 

UT_GT_Oncore_Users_Guide.zip since this is really what it is. In some
documents it is also referred to as "TRM0003".

M12 Oncore Users Guide Supplement v1.1.pdf: This should be deleted or marked
as archive only. This doc was HORRIBLE. What Motorola tried to do was add a
supplement to the 8 channel UT_GT guide (TRM0003 above) instead of writing
an M12+ manual from scratch. As you can imagine, the confusion this caused
was catastrophic. 8 channel, 12 channel, etc. The M12 supported some of the
old 8 channel messages (but not all of them).

It was kind of like one of those Haynes or Chilton auto repair manuals that
tries to cover 6 models of cars built by a manufacturer over a 10 year
period. Unless you are intimately familiar with the car you are working on
already the manual can drive you crazy with a bunch of information that
doesn't apply to the model you are working on.

The "M12+UserGuide.pdf" that I wrote is the one to use.

Best regards,
Randy Warner
Senior Applications Engineer
Geodetics, Inc.

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I put all the Oncore related files I have gathered up online a while back,
they can be found at:



> I think a couple of the denizens of this list also have copies of most of
> old docs on their websites. Anybody out there????? I don't remember where
> they are.

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