[time-nuts] Austron 1120 ...thanks

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Thu Jul 19 09:43:45 EDT 2007

Hi Alan,

	Glad it was some help.  Rob is a mine of useful information, 
and is always helping out fellow 'nuts, I was pleased to take some of 
the burden off his modem as I had the opportunity.



>Hi Peter thanks for that I have had an 1120-2 1MHz unit sulking in my "might
>be useful sometime" box for a couple of years.
>Cheers de Alan G3NYK (Ipswich)
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>> Hi Bjorn,
>> Another list member (Rob Kimberley) sent me a copy of a PDF
>> earlier this year, but it is for the later, 1986 model, which had an
>> octal tube base.  It is just over 2 megabytes, so with Rob's blessing
>> I've put it on my website -
>> http://www.barney-wol.net/private/Austron1120.pdf - in case it is of
>> any use.
>> Regards,
>> Peter Vince  (G8ZZR, London, England)
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