[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

Dr Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jul 19 09:56:32 EDT 2007

GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:
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> In a message dated 19/07/2007 02:44:42 GMT Daylight Time,  tom.k3io at gmail.com 
> writes:
> My  suggestion is that you pick up a free evaluation copy of Rick
> Hambly's  TAC32 software at http://cnssys.com/cnsclock/Tac32Software.html
> . TAC32  knows all the quirks & options that ever existed in a  Motorola
> receiver, going all the way back to the Rev.3 PVT6. Then if you  find it
> useful, a legal copy can be purchased from Rick, or at members  discount
> from TAPR  (http://www.tapr.org/gps_tac32.html).
> -------------------
> Hi Tom
> Many thanks for the suggestion.
> You may have seen my subsequent post in which I commented that I had tried  
> TAC32 without solving my problem, only to find the kit was working ok but  with 
> an incorrectly labelled connector.
> TAC32 does look useful though so I'll check it over more thoroughly  later.
> One "interesting" side effect......
> Some time after shutting down TAC32 last night, but with the Oncore still  
> connected to the serial port and outputting data, my PS2 connected mouse started 
>  misbehaving, with the pointer jumping all over the place then settling down 
> for  a while before repeating the performance.
> It didn't occur to me at first that the incoming serial data might have  
> anything to do with it until it started again this morning and I eventually  
> stopped it by disconnecting the serial lead from the receiver.
> Whilst I can't say for sure that running TAC32 was what caused it, it's not  
> something I've ever seen in the past nor previously this past few  days after 
> running WinOncore.
> I'll check later to see if the port shut down properly and also take a look  
> at the Oncore message stream, perhaps TAC32 may have changed something  there 
> as part of its auto setup routine?
> regards
> Nigel

This is a well known quirk/feature of Windows itself.
There is a way of "curing" it (other than using a better OS) but I cant 
recall the details at the moment.


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