[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

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Sat Jul 21 15:58:41 EDT 2007

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Your  computer may be sensing the serial data stream and declaring it to be  a
mouse. This is a generic problem having nothing to do with Tac32 but it  and
the solution are in the CNS Clock II and Tac32 manual available where  you
got the software.

P.S., I am in the UK at the AMSAT-UK  conference.

Hi Rick
Many thanks for your comments.
You're quite right and all is under control again:-)
I've obviously been lucky in the past, in that I've not come across this  
before and it seems to be only certain strings that trigger it.
Running WinOncore had enabled the Ea and Ek commands but it was the Bb  
string enabled by TAC32 that triggered the problem, in this instance  anyway.
Now I'm aware of the potential it'll be easier to deal with in the  future.
I haven't had a chance to explore TAC32, or the manual, any further yet but  
it looks good and I'll be coming back to it soon.
Welcome to sunny Guilford, you're about 75 miles from where I lived  for many 
and nearly 475 from where I am now:-)
The west coast of Scotland is supposed to be the wettest part of the UK,  and 
normally lives up to that reputation, but it's been quite sunny here of  
late, certainly no wetter than normal, and could almost be  considered drought 
conditions compared to what some other parts of the  country have suffered rece
Enjoy your stay....and stay dry:-)


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