[time-nuts] Scope Clock

Mark Amos mark.amos at toast.net
Mon Jul 23 13:45:37 EDT 2007

Time Nuts,

I built one of these clocks a couple of months ago.  In earlier correspondence with Jan De Rie I asked him to allow 
for input of an external 1PPS clock (which he graciously did!)  

I drive the clock from a conditioned 1PPS signal out of a Shera GPSDO that I built.  It's a great conversation 
piece, and it's very inexpensive (not including the scope...)

Jan's a great guy and does nice work.


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> Maybe some of you haven't seen this oscilloscope clock display yet:
>  http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2007/07/avr_oscilloscope_clock.html 


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