[time-nuts] 5 MHz from 10 MHz

Rasputin Novgorod priapulus at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 11:23:09 EDT 2007

Hi Guys:

I have a HP Z3801A GPS Receiver Timebase. I was going
to feed it into a HF antenna multicoupler, to discipline
my Harris RF-1310 exciter, Harris RF-590 receiver, HP-8640
generator, and a bunch of other HP test gear.

1) The HP-Z3801 outputs 10Mhz but the HP-8640 wants 5 mHz.
How do it divide it?

2) I presume the HP-Z3801 outputs a sine wave; divider
chips will provide a square wave, is this a problem?

3) The HP-Z3801 outputs quite a strong signal; will it
overload my HF antenna multicoupler? Will the multi-
coupler have enough drive for the other gear?

4) Or should I just quit fooling around and buy a TAPR
Distribution Amplifier?

Guidance greatly appreciated,
/blair VE3CZY

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