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>I was surprised to read that crimping is considered most reliable...


	There is some truth in your tale about the crimps in the broadcast world, but you are also correct to point out that "adequate" (I like to say "proper") crimping is critical to making the connection reliable.

	In the avionics world, it is rare that you will find a soldered connection in the wiring harnesses. 99.9% of everything in there is crimped. The difference is that the various contacts and plugs, both conventional and coaxial, are attached by well-trained folk using the best available tools.

	When properly done, with the right cable prep (ideally, thermal strippers) and the right crimping tools (mil-spec hex crimps for the coaxials, mil-spec eight-way indent for the conventionals), a crimp connection has the same strength and gas tightness of a cold weld. I've been fortunate, over the years, to have gotten hold of the right tools and dies for everything I do through Boeing's surplus store. The contents of one of my tool chest drawers would have run into five figures worth of spending had it not been for them.

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