[time-nuts] Building a DC Block Thingy....

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri Jul 27 16:53:17 EDT 2007

I have 2 other GPS devices already on the splitter, so there is really no
need for any DC current to be passed as the splitter will just sink it. I
just wanted to build an extra measure of safety in there sinking the 12V
before the splitter *incase* the other 2 GPS devices are turned off or
something happens.

Yes I'll probably plug in the NTS and check the power on the antenna port,
if it stays at 5V then I can at least use it temporarily to ensure that it's
working and everything.

I'll look into some of the mini-circuits stuff on eBay and see what I can
find. I probably won't buy / build anything until the unit arrives. I might
be able just to desolder a component and sink the 12V internally before it
gets injected to the RF signal. But I don't want to cut any PCB traces or do
anything that is irreversible.

Thanks for all your input guys and various solutions. :)

I'm surprised nobody said get a 12V antenna... lol. Does anyone have any
spare outdoor mast style they would sell (cheap)? I remember I saw some on
eBay a while back, I'm sure more will pop up eventually.


> My first thought here would be to use a small 3 pin 5V regulator to drop
> DC down, and then capacitively couple in and out to let the RF through.
> Interesting to see what other comments you get.
> Rob K 

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