[time-nuts] Homebrew primary standard?

Don Collie donmer at woosh.co.nz
Fri Jul 27 21:00:59 EDT 2007

It is possible to build a standard, of very good long term stability, by 
amplifying the radiation produced by a simple incandesent light bulb. The 
frequency produced is well within the capabilities of present 
technology......................................Don C.

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>> Has there been any attempts (or successes) at someone outside of a
>> national laboratory, and commercial R&D groups to build a primary
>> frequency/time standard?
> Two attempts to build hydrogen masers that I know of; little
> or no progress.
>> I am not sure if there is anything that would prevent an individual
>> from building a cesium standard of the quality seen in early models
>> from NPL and NIST, or an industrial style (compact Ramsey cavity)
>> standard.
>> -Michael
> Yes, it would be possible. I know that several of us have
> considered it, for a few minutes at least.
> It would require some expertise in physics, electronics,
> glass and metal fabrication, vacuum systems, magnet
> design, electron multipliers, and who knows that else.
> You'd go through many prototypes. To see if it's working
> you might want another one in-house.
> You'd learn a great deal. It would be an amazing story.
> In the end, you'd end up with a standard accurate to one
> part in ten to the 10th or 11th that would work for hours
> or even days at a time.
> The reason no one has tried it, I believe, is that you can
> get the same or better accuracy with a simple $75 GPS
> receiver today. It would seem motivation for the project
> would be the biggest problem.
> /tvb
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