[time-nuts] Time may not exist

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sat Jul 28 09:29:49 EDT 2007

I think what is proposed is that time, while real, would not be a
fundamental dimension of the universe, it would be a dimension of
convenience, due to our lack of understanding of the underlying principles.

It is interesting considering that a lot of people in the last half century
or so have tried to do the opposite: relate everything to time simply
because time is what we can measure most accurately, at least at the macro

I am an engineer, so this makes no difference to me, but I find it
fascinating. Maybe I should have been a physicist...


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Before  this subject deteriorates into what trial lawyers and
politicians excel at  (twisting words to obscure the truth),
consider what happens if time does  not exist.

Velocity is distance moved per unit of time, or distance  is
velocity times time. If time does not exist, then nothing  moves.

Reproduction becomes impossible.

Even thought becomes  impossible because neurons fire depending
on the pulse rate at  synapses.

Not to mention communication and other things that are  frequency
sensitive, including light and radiant heat.

And then  there's the matter of Earth rotating in several ways.

Since all of  these things do exist, time exists. It is what goes
on inside the brains of  quantum physicists that leads them to
make rash statements about things  they cannot measure. As I
recall, the derivation of the Planck length  seemed suspect.

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