[time-nuts] Crimping VS Soldering

Tom Clifton kc0vsj at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 12:39:19 EDT 2007

The key is the gas tight connection between the
surfaces.  If  moisture and/or oxygen can't get in the
conection will remain true.  Back in an earlier life
in the telecommunications industry connections went
from soldered to wire wrapped in the 70's.  We were
all distrustful of a 'twisted on' connection until it
was explained to us.  The proof was in the pudding (so
to say) when after a year or two statistical analysis
revealed that the post-install trouble rates plummeted
with the advent of wire wrap, but after 10 years
started creeping back up as the frame blocks reached
the end of their reliable life as circuits were
reterminated on those little square posts with the
less than  perfectly square corners...

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