[time-nuts] HP 5370B low frequency modulation

Henk ten Pierick henk at deriesp.demon.nl
Sat Jul 28 15:03:00 EDT 2007

Hi Magnus,

The 5372A which we bought new years ago reference polluted by the  
switching power supplies. There were more of them with different  
frequencies. It showed up in the fft of measurements and also seen at  
the reference output. I do not have access to that instrument anymore  
and do not know the serial number. How is this with your 5372A?


On Jul 23, 2007, at 2:36, Magnus Danielson wrote:

> As I don't have a wiring aisle for my lab-bench (beleive me, I  
> start to
> consider it as a must have even if it would be a squeeze-in variant  
> of 3-4
> dm or so, I could not get the heated 10811 in my 5372A. I really  
> need to hook
> the backside panels up to a BNC patch any decade now. Anyway,  
> otherwise I would
> have a well heated alternative to measure on.
> I wish I get a phonecall with good news from a fellow time-nut  
> tomorrow. If so
> I drive down to him. :-)
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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