[time-nuts] Allstar GPS engines

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Mon Jul 30 11:54:02 EDT 2007


I just uploaded a bunch of PDF's that might help you. I didn't read through
them all but I know some of it is for the Allstar receivers.



>I have a couple of CMC Allstar 12 GPS engines that I was hoping to 
>use in a frequency standard. There is little information on the net 
>about these modules.
>One of the units has the number 220-600944-901 marked on it.
>Is anyone familiar with these units and could they explain the 
>meaning of the serial number. In particular the last three digits. 
>One of the receivers has a different three digits to the rest.
>I believe the Allstar units were available in a base station 
>configuration as well. Can anyone shed some light on these units.

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