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Sat Jul 28 17:17:45 EDT 2007

I just received a bad-boy message from AOL relating to the "Mini
Magnetic Sensor" email that was posted to the list this afternoon.

These messages usually result from an AOL subscriber hitting the "Spam"
button on a message, often because they want to unsubscribe from the
list but don't know how.

Unfortunately, AOL keeps track of the number of times that happens, and
if it's too often, it is blacklisted -- which means that NO address from
that system can be sent to ANY AOL subscriber.  Getting cleared from the
blacklist is a very painful process (I've had to do it...).

So, please, if you no longer want to receive time-nuts postings, or if
you don't like a posting, please unsubscribe using the instructions at
the bottom of every list message; if all else fails, please contact me.
 But please DON'T hit the "Spam" button!



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