[time-nuts] Fury Interface Board: 5MHz needed?

xaos xaos at darksmile.net
Sun Nov 4 10:24:59 EST 2007

Hello everyone,

Shall we consider 5MHz OCXO's?

I have a BUNCH of those. Most are really low end devices but I also have 
a few gems.
I mean, some people might have a really nice 5MHz OCXO. Why exclude 
them, if we don't have to?

Anyone out there with interest in this?

If nobody, except me, wants this I'll just drop it.

Bruce suggested that a NIST JFET frequency doubler might do the trick.

What does the math say?

If the frequency is multiplied by two, what else is multiplied?
Frequency error? I would think so.

What about phase noise?

Does the overall error stay the same?

How would that fit with the Fury?

Any thoughts here?


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