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Everything will multiply.  Error, phase shift/jitter.

Burt, K6OQK

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>Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Fury Interface Board: 5MHz needed?
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>Hello everyone,
>Shall we consider 5MHz OCXO's?
>I have a BUNCH of those. Most are really low end devices but I also have
>a few gems.
>I mean, some people might have a really nice 5MHz OCXO. Why exclude
>them, if we don't have to?
>Anyone out there with interest in this?
>If nobody, except me, wants this I'll just drop it.
>Bruce suggested that a NIST JFET frequency doubler might do the trick.
>What does the math say?
>If the frequency is multiplied by two, what else is multiplied?
>Frequency error? I would think so.
>What about phase noise?
>Does the overall error stay the same?
>How would that fit with the Fury?
>Any thoughts here?

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