[time-nuts] 5065A cell flooding

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Mon Nov 5 19:51:16 EST 2007


Many thanks for that informative posting on the cure for cell
flooding. I didn't understand what I read in the manual because
there was no background. Now an old veteran is showing signs of
life after 3 hours.

One thing, isn't a TED a bimetallic junction, with very low
resistance? I read 0.18 volts across the wires at 1 amp. But
I'm using 5 ohms and 5 volts, not one ohm. Was that a type O?

Bill Hawkins

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From: corby d dawson
Subject: [time-nuts] 5065A cell flooding

I usually find it safer to use a 5VDC supply thru a 1 ohm 10 watt
resistor to supply the current rather than a constant current supply at
such a small voltage. You do not want to burn out the TED!

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