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Tue Nov 6 08:43:17 EST 2007

Hi Tom,

I have a few ONCORE docs but need the correct P/N in order to determine the type of your board....

Question .... for what purpose do you like to use it?????

Best regards,


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I just received an older 8 channel Oncore GPS board -
still not sure if it is a timing or navigation part...
 In any event, I have found plenty of documentation on
it, but so far none of the links for the Motorola eval
software "WinOncore" (presumably free) seem to be
functional. Can someone help me out?

All I want to do is to be able to easily read the
binary output, set date/time (etc) and change output
to NMEA as needed.  I have several MAX-232 parts so
getting good RS-232 isn't going to be an issue.

Tom in St. Louis

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