[time-nuts] Short Terms Stablity of the Trimble Mini-T

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>This  equates to a short term stability of around 1 part in 10^9 compared  to
>the 1 part in 10^10 I was expecting from the Allan Deviation  specs.  There
>has been no improvement after running the Min-T for  more than a week.

>I admit to not fully understanding the  relationship between Allan Deviation
>and short term frequency  stability. So I would be grateful for advice as to
>whether there is a  simple relationship?

>Now I don't know if the stability  issue is the Mini-T or the HP Z3801A but
>the clue is that if I remove  the antenna from the Mini-T the short-term
>stability improves by a  factor of 10, so I am reasonably confident that the
>problem is with the  Mini-T.  Does anyone have experience with the Mini-T and
>what sort  of short-term stability one should expect? 

Hi Rex,
welcome to the group!
Please excuse my shameless marketing hat that I am putting on now, but in  
recent months we have had many of our customers complain in a vitriolic manner  
about the Mini-T to us for exactly the same reason.
They switched over to our Fury GPSDO because the Mini-T just didn't  work for 
It would be interesting to find out from other folks what kind of  experience 
they had with the Mini-T. From what I was told, I am not surprised  that you 
are only getting parts in E-09 stability out of that unit.
Ok, let's see if we can help you now :)
One thing you may want to try is thermally isolating the Mini-T from it's  
environment by running it in a metal enclosure etc (make sure it won't overheat  
Another thing you may want to try is to compare the indicated position of  
the Mini-T to the Z3801A position, maybe you have a survey problem?

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