[time-nuts] Datum 9390-6000 Problem

Mike Feher mfeher at eozinc.com
Sat Nov 10 11:07:56 EST 2007

Mitch -

I have about 6 of the 9390 series receivers. Most with Rubidiums and some
with OCXOs. I had 3 of them running simultaneously with a Z3801A. They were
on an HP antenna running through a 4 way splitter that is widely available
on ebay. Two of the three locked properly and showed the proper time,
however, they had the wrong, but same, day of year. I could live with that.
The other one showed the correct day of year and time. About a month ago the
one that showed the correct day of year totally quit lock, and I believe it
also shows a low signal level, as the system check was OK. Too many other
projects to play with it yet. Regards - Mike

Mike B. Feher, N4FS
89 Arnold Blvd.
Howell, NJ, 07731

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Greetings all. I have a Datum 9390-6000 with the Rubidium frequency standard
inside that has been working fine for the past year or so. It requires a
high gain antenna and I'm using a Symmetricom 58532A L1 antenna. With this
antenna I get a "System Check OK" message on the screen. With any other of
my GPS antennas I get a "low signal level" message. I have six other GPS
units operating with various antennas that all work fine. While I don't get
any error messages on the 9390, the unit no longer locks onto the GPS. If I
look at the satellites, the display shows zero for the signal strengths for
each satellite that is trying to track.

I'm wondering if this is an antenna problem vs. a problem with the 9390 and
is there someway to tell. I don't see anyway to do advanced diagnostics on
this unit, and since the GPS receiver is a propriety unit, I can't
substitute it for another model.

Is there a recommended antenna that works best with this unit? Since the
repair on the 9390 is quite expensive, I'm wondering if there is another way
around this, possibly trying a better antenna.

Thanks for your help.


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